A quick, affordable and carefree website for your small business needs.

Carefree gives you the best possible service for your money. 
We do our best to understand what your needs are, what problems you are trying to solve and give you the right product for your business. 

  • The domain name for your business. (Unless you have one already).
  • Hosting for your site. 1 year included in the price, then a yearly fee after the first year. (We will give you a discount if you already have your own hosting).  
  • SSL Certificate for your site. (If you have your own hosting, we will have to discuss the SSL certificate as some hosts have their own).
    *Google has insisted that all sites start using SSL for safe surfing.
  • On page SEO so you rank well with the search engines.
  • Responsive for mobile and tablet device use.
  • Small E-commerce sites are welcome.
  • Support is just a phone call, text or email away.
  • We make it easy for you to help us get your website up and running!
  • You can choose a website maintenance*  plan that suits your needs. We offer very reasonable rates. 
* Does not include major changes or site re-design.

Call or email us for a quote today.  

If you choose a very reasonable monthly maintenance* plan, you will receive website maintenance so you don’t
have to do anything but send us new material for your site.
We will add new links, pictures, videos as we get them from you. You will also get a monthly report detailing your site’s stats.

We have very reasonable rates for this service!  Just ask us about them.

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